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  • Location Toronto’s Junction Neighbourhood

  • Originally Constructed 1907

  • Scope of Work: Design and engineering for the basement lowering & new basement washroom

When the clients contacted Tignum, they knew they wanted to make better use of their basement but did not know the best route to achieve their needs. Understanding the client’s needs and set budget, we introduced them to the benching method for lowering the basement, with a special design variation to allow for a custom stair landing.


“My wife and I are so satisfied that we had Jacob Kachuba of Tignum Design and Engineering on our team to create a design that was well honed to our space and our needs. He went above and beyond to ensure that we understood the ins and outs of the technical side of things as well as the greater scope of the work, including what we should expect from our contractor in carrying out the build.” — Cataldo, Owner


Basement lowerings are perhaps the most hazardous type of construction. Careful design and construction planning are required to ensure that the work does not adversely affect the structure or adjacent buildings. It is prudent to have a structural engineer design your basement lowering and review the work of the contractor.