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  • Tignum has invested in the latest technology to help clients visualize their projects in 3D.

  • Innovation through technology is the design philosophy of future. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting-edge of the newest developments in design and engineering.

  • Our collaborative teams help create a more holistic perspective to design. Buildings are now expected to be more than just a shelter from the environment—they must become part of the environment.

The design process for commercial spaces can be complicated—there are infinite variables to consider. Good design is not about maximizing all the variables, but rather optimizing among the alternatives. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we design the best possible space for your business; one that not only serves your needs but also becomes an essential part of the community.

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Working on a large-scale art project? We work with artist groups and individuals to provide the technical knowledge to make innovative art projects a reality.

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It is sometimes more advantageous to start from scratch than to renovate older buildings. New construction can fully meet your functional requirements and provide energy efficient and sustainable design.

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Renovations are inherently complicated projects. Tignum works with clients to ensure that the design concept compliments the existing building conditions.