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  • LOCATION Toronto's Portlands


  • SCOPE Field Engineering Services




Essroc Canada [Essroc Marine Logistics]


Design Engineers:

Consultec Ltd.

Slipforming is a construction method in which concrete is poured into a form that is continuously moving by automated hydraulic jacks. It is an efficient method to construct vertical concrete structures.


Shipping activities in the Portlands area of Toronto are vital for the Toronto economy. In 2013, an estimated total of 950,349 metric tonnes of bulk and general cargo were shipped to the Portlands. The cement storage silos will hold specialized cement for the use on exclusive projects in the Greater Toronto Area. 


By using the slipforming process of construction, it took 17 days to create the cement silos which are 54m [177ft] in height. The CN Tower was also constructed using the slipforming process and it took 8 months to form the 335m [1100ft] tower in 1973. The CN tower was once the world’s tallest free-standing structure, a record the Tower would hold for an incredible 34+ years.