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  • LOCATION Mimico In Toronto’s West End


  • AREA OF WORK 93m² [1000ft²]

  • SCOPE OF WORK Design And Engineering Services For The Complete Renovation.

This century home was in major need of renovations as many of the finishes were from the original construction and not in a good state of repair. When the new owners purchased the house, they contacted Tignum to immediately begin design and engineering work to help make their new residence their own.


More often than not, when you begin renovations on an older home you will encounter hidden and previously unknown problems that must be corrected to maintain the home’s safety and prepare it for the next generation of residents. This project was no exception. When the contractor opened up the old kitchen, they discovered the plumbing and drains compromised the floor joists, which required repair.


This project required the removal of two load-bearing walls and the implementation of an intricate system of steel beams and columns to ensure the walls and ceilings were flush. All interior finishes were removed on the ground floor and the walls were reconstructed to include spray foam insulation to help make the century-old home more energy efficient.